Expanding the global footprint – Both yours and ours

October 2015 is turning out to be quite an eventful month for us in the Payeezy world.  It’s been just over 1 year since we launched our new APIs and supporting developer portal, initially in support of Apple Pay® mobile payments solution.  And over the course of this year, we’ve added a number of capabilities catering to many merchants, small and large alike, who are looking to start or expand their eCommerce business.  Thank you to the hundreds of partners who have contributed to that success!


Your new Payeezy.JS is out ………

Every merchant who is processing payments has heard about PCI and is looking to reduce PCI burden and provide the best check out experience to their users.  We at Payeezy understand our merchants well and always look to solve their concerns innovatively with simplicity in design and robustness in security. Our newly designed Payeezy.js which launched on 1st Jul 2015 is a perfect solution to those concerns.