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Apple Pay® comes to U.K.

One of the most awaited tech-events of this year, the Apple World Wide Developer Conference was held on June 8, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. At the event, Apple announced that it is expanding Apple Pay® beyond the U.S, with the U.K. being the next country to welcome mobile payments on the iPhone 6. Once again, we have been working behind the scenes with Apple to support the launch. Apple Pay® will be available in the U.K. from July 2015.


Coming soon: Apple Pay Europe and more

Every day we, the Payeezy team, strive to bring to our customers the best means to easily access First Data’s assets, services and processes through our APIs. We believe that our work in the last few months is a true example of that. Within the next few weeks, we will be rolling out several updates to our APIs including Apple Pay support for merchants in the U.K. Here is a quick look of what is in store:

International Expansion - Phase 1


All about Android Pay

On May 28 2015, Google announced at their annual developers’ conference that Android Pay, the new “Android way to pay,” will be launched in the U.S. later this summer. We at First Data understand the importance of mobile payments and have been actively working with Google  to support Android Pay when it launches and will be ready to power your apps with android pay.


We know Mobile matters to you!

From the day we launched Payeezy, we have been ultra-focused on Mobile. Apple Pay, iOS and now the new Android SDK. Two weeks ago we launched our Android SDK to enable you to build apps and accept payments on Android devices. For years, First Data has been supporting payment acceptance in stores and online, but we also envisioned a growing consumer base that would one day buy on mobile devices.


Reducing Friction for the Consumer via Apple Pay In-App Payments

Wonderful article on titled Inside Apple-Pay's In-App Performance. While the author begins with a less than positive view of the in-store experience with Apple Pay, and even highlights concerns about overall mobile penetration in mobile, the overriding positive theme from the article is that in-app is lowering friction with respect to payments, and is increasing consumer conversion!


Post-NRF Musings

So last week was the Big Show ... literally that is how the National Retail Foundation (NRF) dubs their annual event held in NYC. In their recap, NRF announced that there were "33,000 attendees, numerous international delegations, hundreds of sessions and miles of EXPO."  No argument that this was a fantastic event for the many businesses looking for solutions that crossed a variety of areas ... in-store/POS, online/eCommerce, analytics, fraud & security, and a plethora of other areas intended to excite and wow the attendees.  


Payeezy APIs Expand to Include Web-Based Payments in Addition to In-App

When we launched our Payeezy APIs several months ago, the focus was very much in support of in-app payments and Apple Pay.  Today we are pleased to announce a new release that not only expands our APIs to include a broad array of web-based payment capabilities, but also introduces a cleaner, more streamlined look and feel.  Let’s take a closer look ...