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Removal of CVV Field From API Response

In a token-based transaction, the CVV number can be included as an optional field in the request payload.

Today, if the CVV number is included in the request payload, it is echoed back in the response by Payeezy API. This CVV number in the API response is redundant and will be removed from the API response. The highlighted below will be removed from the API Response:



Product Update – Implementing TLS 1.2 Security Protocol

UPDATE - Payeezy API Security Protocol Update Postponed.

We have heard from our customers in regards to discontinuing support for TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols and have postponed the deprecation timeframes for the PROD and CERT environments for these protocols. The changes made to the CERT (Sandbox) environment have been reverted back and we will continue to support TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols. We will also continue to work with our security teams to comply with the PCI mandates.


Innovate, Iterate, Invigorate – Part 1, Android Pay

Just over 1 year ago, we made the statement in our inaugural blog “never before has the timing been so right to bring together everyone in the payments ecosystem and open a world of possibilities.”  The introduction of network-level tokenization ushered in an era of innovation not just with the industry, but for us as well with our Payeezy developer portal and a vision to expose the depth and breadth of all we have to offer from an eCommerce perspective.


eCommerce Grows to Dominate Black Friday Sales

First Data processes nearly half of all US transactions, or $1.7 Trillion in commerce annually in the US alone, which provides the company with unparalleled insight into spending habits across the country. First Data’s SpendTrend® report analyzes credit and debit transactions, as well as EBT purchases. This year, the SpendTrend® report analyzing consumer spending on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday provides a clear message: Americans still love shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and online sales are more important than ever.


Hacks from Money 2020 Hackathon

On Oct 24, the stage was set for the world’s largest fintech hackathon – the Money 2020 Hackathon. There were 500+ hackers from 15 countries in attendance and they had 24 hours to design and develop an application while choosing from the various APIs available from the sponsoring companies. We, First Data, were one of the 10 sponsors of the hackathon. And our challenge was simple –