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Java Example


I have been looking for a working java direct API code example but have not found any. I have downloaded from GIT but it is for Spring framework.

I am able to use Payeezy.js to get a token, but then have no idea what to do next. Every code I found in Git or Payeezy website is not working, either getting compile error or not working.

I just need a good working Java example using direct API. Any ideas where I can get a good working Java code for the direct api?

This has not been a good example for me, so confusing.........??? Or maybe I am missing something.....

Re: Java Example

Hi Vin,

Our current Java Library example for Payeezy uses Spring framework with configuration from Spring context file. We do not have an example implementation without Spring library.


From Direct API, we have following implementations using Ruby, PHP, Python, Curl and Node JS. We have example code in github. If you are getting compilation errors on any of the code you have downloaded from github, please let us know which code library and error message. We shall review and fix them ASAP.


Best Regards,

Payeezy Team