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401 on certification

{"correlation_id":"228.5106990009377","Error":{"messages":[{"code":"401","description":"Access denied"}]}}

getting the above error message on certification.



Re: 401 on certification

Please email this information to payeezyboarding@firstdata.com and confirm the developer email address encountering the error during certification along with the correlation ID.

Re: 401 on certification

Me too.

Re: 401 on certification

The development team is working to resolve the issue with certification. Please continue to work with payeezyboarding@firstdata.com so they can assist with making sure a correction is made as soon as possible.

Level3 info - Hosted checkout page not loaded when using below f

//Level2 data

//Level3 Data
+ "&x_ship_to_zip="+90625
+ "&x_freight="+0.00
+ "&x_duty="+0.00
+ "&discount_amount="+0.00

//Level3 Line item details
//&x_line_item=Item Description<|>Quantity<|>Unit Price<|>Product Code <|>Commodity Code<|>Unit Of measure<|>Tax Amount<|>Discount Amount <|> Line item total
+ "&x_line_item=Home and Gift Item<|>1.00<|>1.00<|>1234<|>801416<|>EA<|>0.00<|>0.00<|>1.00"

Re: Level3 info - Hosted checkout page not loaded when using...

This forum is for inquiries about the Payeezy Developer APIs. Please email payeezy.gateway.support@firstdata.com and include any demo account name or login ID and the actual POST that is being submitted from the web browser, not any code snippets.