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404 Error

Been working to get PayEezy integrated into our application. If I do not send an Authorization string in the header I get a proper response package back saying "HMAC validation Failure". This I expect.

When I do send an Authorization string, I get back a 404 error back saying the following URL was not found on this server:

I'm just attempting to the an Authorization of a credit card in the sandbox so I can move on to other tasks.

This is very frustrating since I believe I've set everything up properly. What have I missed?

Re: 404 Error

Hi Bob,

We will need more information to find out what is wrong. If you received a correlation ID in the response, then please paste it here. Else, please provide the following details:

1. The URL you are calling

2. Request headers and body

3. Response body


Payeezy team


Re: 404 Error

No. I did not receive a correlationID. I literally just get an HTML page back with the 404 error back. If I do NOT provide the HMAC code I get a proper response back with the error saying the HMAC validation failed (which is what I expected).

Re: 404 Error

HMAC Validation error can occur due to various reasons.

  • Invalid API Key
  • Invalid API Secret used in generating authorization
  • Invalid merchant token (which you retrieve from MY MERCHANTS PAGE)
  • If the timestamp is off

Please review all the parameters and authorization is required. Please refer to the logic provided in Docs and Sandbox page under header parameters for any of the APIs. You will see Generate HMAC button and click on "i" for logic.

Also, based on your integration method, you can also check for sample code in Payeezy github.

I noticed that you are using IP Address instead of the url. We suggest that you use url to send your transactions.

for SANDOBOX use --> https://api-cert.payeezy.com/v1/transactions

for LIVE use --> https://api.payeezy.com/v1/transactions

Best Regards,



Re: 404 Error

Pramod, you didn't read my initial post very well. I am absolutely 100% sure that I'm using https://api-cert.payeezy.com/v1/transactions.

If I don't provide the HMAC I get a proper response from Payeezy. If I do provide the HMAC, I get the 404 error with an IP address as part of the URL.

Re: 404 Error

Hi Bob,

Understand you are using the url to send your transactions.

However, as stated, HMAC can occur due to various reasons. Please verify all the parameters. Also verify the time stamp that is being generated from the laptop/PC/Server where these payment transactions are posted.

If the timestamp parameter that is generated and passed as part of the header is off from current timestamp, then this can result in HMAC Validation error.


Best Reards,

Payeey Team

Re: 404 Error

You guys just don't seem to understand what I'm saying. The HMAC is correct. I've verified it against your test value. I get the 404 error when I give the HMAC. If I don't send it or purposely mess it up I get a proper error response back.

Regardless, with no help from you I switched to CURL (using the same HMAC routine by the way) and I get everything to work.