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ActiveMerchant::ConnectionError: The remote server reset the connection - Transaction failure in sandbox


Hope someone is able to help with this issue - I've been told that all questions regarding all First Data products could be discussed here. We've had a working integration with FirstData Virtual Terminal/Linkpoint for a few years. Within the last few weeks, when we're testing transactions on our sandbox, the following is returned after completing a transaction:

"ActiveMerchant::ConnectionError: The remote server reset the connection"

We've tried re-downloading the pem certificate from https://www.staging.linkpointcentral.com/ and re-uploading in our app, but still see the same error returned. Unsure what possible issues could have caused this.

Looking forward to some suggestions/ideas on how to troubleshoot further.

Re: ActiveMerchant::ConnectionError: The remote server reset...

Hi Theresa,

Unfortunately, you have been informed wrongly. This forum is a place for Payeezy API related questions. 

The support number for Linkpoint is on this page: https://secure.linkpt.net/lpc/servlet/lpclogin


Payeezy team