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API Secret Key

My client's client is a Payeezy customer and I'm coding a JS integration for them.

I've signed up for a developer account (lite).
I've entered profile information and "got certified".

I've made a Sandbox app under APIs which has status = approved.
It has an API key, however no secret key. I'm not sure why as this key is required for the integration (note: it seems to return a token even with a fake API key + secret key though, confusing)

What have I missed?

On a slightly different topic, would I need my client to make a Payeezy dev account? Because it seems all integrations run via this, so the merchant (end client) would see my details.


Re: API Secret Key

Try editing the API and saving it again. The apiSecret should be assigned once that is done. The merchant would not need to establish a developer account. To add an existing live/production merchant accounts please email Payeezyboarding@firstdata.com and include the merchant ID, doing business as name, and confirm the email address registered on developer.payeezy.com. Our boarding team will need to complete the process manually. This will generate the merchant token and JS Security key.