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Apple Pay w/multi setup order solution

We are looking to implement Apple Pay for a customer with a more involved ordering process which will require real-time issuance or delivery of product. Reviewing the Payeezy guide for Apple Pay it is unclear on handling situations were a Pre-auth followed by capture or void is needed. Can you provide example of how this may be achieved using SDK? SDK doc only outlines Authorize and Purchase as options with no explanation of when they should be used and how a void may be used if needed.

Second: To Improve order integrity situations is it possible to do one of the following:

1-Pass Apple Payload from app to server and have server send Apple payload to Payeezy for Auth or Purchase?
2-Pass Apple Payload from app to Payeezy SDK and receive Token or trans reference in Pre-Auth. Allow server to complete capture/void with reference once order completes processing.

If you can point me to the proper docs or examples that would be great!

Re: Apple Pay w/multi setup order solution

Please refer https://developer.payeezy.com/3dstransaction/apis/post/transactions for apple pay documentation purpose

For your usecase, Please refer to https://github.com/payeezy/payeezy_ios which is nothing but JSON call to payeezy server. checkout https://github.com/payeezy/payeezy_ios/tree/master/examples.

especially https://github.com/payeezy/payeezy_ios/tree/master/examples/FDTokenBasedTransactions sample.


Let us know if you have any quesions



Re: Apple Pay w/multi setup order solution


Building on the previous answer, only Authorize and Purchase transactions are possible with Apple Pay API method.

For secondary transactions such as void, capture, refund, recurring and split-shipment, you will need to use Direct API.


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