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ApplePay Capture using Direct API


We are currently integrating ApplePay into our iOS app and the initial payment transaction is working fine. My task is to write a process using the Java Direct API to capture or return these transactions.

Does anybody have a sample capture or return payload for an ApplePay transaction? The samples don't give any and everything I try results in a 403. I've confirmed the auth headers, etc.. are correct as other API calls work fine.


Re: ApplePay Capture using Direct API

Hi Moses,

You can find our server side libraries - https://github.com/payeezy/payeezy_direct_API. Within the Java library you will find the implementation for Capture.

If you are getting the 403 -HMAC validation error, try this FAQ - https://developer.payeezy.com/faqs/i-am-getting-403-hmac-validation-failure-response-how-do-i-resolve

Hope this helps.


Payeezy team