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auth field on create tokens

Can you explain what auth (true / false) is really do at system?
I refer to create token method.

Right now on DEV if i use auth=true i get all the response back correctly like
"results":{"correlation_id":"228.1454670008669","status":"success","type":"FDToken","token":{"type":"visa","cardholder_name":"John Smith","exp_date":"1030","value":"0744181933248291"}}

But when i send it with auth=false it get result
"results":{"correlation_id":"228.1454670043717","status":"success","type":"FDToken","token":{"type":"visa","cardholder_name":"John Smith","exp_date":"1030"}}

See that if auth=false i not get value at response.
And if i not get value in response i can not use it to charge the card.
Can you please explain if that is bug and what that field really do

Re: auth field on create tokens


Auth=true runs a 0$ authorization transaction by which the card gets validated with the issuing bank. If address fields are included in the request, then an AVS response code is also returned. If ‘Auth=false’ is chosen, then there is no $0 authorization and the card is not verified with the issuing bank. In both cases, a token is returned in the API response.

There may have been an issue at the time you ran your transaction. We will be looking into it. For now, there seems to be no issue. I just tried a test transaction with both auth=true and auth=false. Both returned the token as expected.


Payeezy team