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Authorization Integrity Fee


We just received the following message from our credit card processor.

The amount of your Approved Charges without matching submissions has reached 10% of the total amount of Approved charges therefore you will be charged an additional fee of 0.10% for each approved charge for which you did not reverse, submit or submit late.

An Approved charge is considered not to have a submission if the approved charge is not reversed or submitted within the specified authorization time limit. An approved charge should be submitted or reversed within seven days.
The strange here is that we are always submitting the full amount following the api documentation, authorization + capture.

Could you please help us to understand what we are doing wrong ? We currently support the following operations

1- Customer purchase item from portal.
2- We pay once shipment starts.
3- We support refund.
4- We support recurring billing (token based)

I am sure you faced the same scenario previously and can propose an adequate solution.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Re: Authorization Integrity Fee

We can't review anything because we don't know what Payeezy merchant account you're referring to. I'd advise to contact the help desk at (855) 799-0790.