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Authorize for future payments


We are using "Token Based Payments" with transaction_type "purchase" to charge the desired amount from the buyer’s card. But this requires the customer to enter his data for each single purchase.

In order to simplify the purchase process it would be desirable to ask the customer for the authorization of future purchase transactions. That would make it possible to capture the corresponding amount automatically without further user input. Neither the amount nor the date of future purchases is known in advance.

Is this possible? The transaction_type "recurring" seems not to be the right way to achieve this workflow.


Re: Authorize for future payments

You would have to control the logic of when future purchases occur with your application code; it wouldn't be handled by Payeezy.

The basic process flow is below.
• You submit a $0 pre-authorization using the Payeezy.JS sample, the POST token method (developer APIs), a $0 authorization through Payeezy Gateway’s Webservice API, or a hosted payment page with the credit card details.
• Our response contains the assigned Transarmor Token number in place of the credit card number, card type and expiry date
• You store the token, card type and expiry date on an external server/database
• You then submit a purchase transaction with the Token number, card expiration, cardholder name, and credit card type based on the frequency you set in your coding