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Automated Recurring Payments

I was wonder if there is an option that I can use to setup automated recurring payment plans for one of my clients.

For example, my client has a number of clients that pay varying amounts each month and would like to automate it without having to create a custom plan for each customer.

E.G. Client navigates to website, decides to go with recurring payment option and want's to pay $41.33 per month every month, and specify the date which they would like the transaction to take place.

Is this feasible by passing data to the Direct API without having to create a custom recurring payment plan?

Re: Automated Recurring Payments

You can initiate recurring transactions via API if you utilize tokenization. This would not add transactions to the Payeezy Gateway’s recurring system and your application would be responsible for handling the logic of sending purchase transactions to the gateway along with the frequency, amount etc. The basic process flow is below.

• You submit a $0 pre-authorization via API with the card details.
• Our response contains the assigned Transarmor Token number in place of the credit card number
• You store the token on an external application/database
• You then submit a purchase transaction with the Token number, card expiration, cardholder name, and credit card type based on the frequency you set in your coding