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AVS response code "Q"

I am performing final testing of my integration on a LIVE merchant, using a $0 tokenize request (POST, not GET). When I test with a valid mastercard, I am getting AVS response "Q", which is described as: Bill to address did not pass edit checks/Card Association can't verify the authentication of an address. What are edit checks, or why might the Card Association be unable to verify the address?

The (sanitized) details of the transaction are listed below.


{"billing_address": {"zip_postal_code":"12345","street":"1234 Fake St, Suite A","country":"United States","city":"Springfield","email":"","state_province":"MO"},"method":"credit_card","credit_card": {"exp_date":"0118","cvv":"123","card_number":"1234123412341234","type":"mastercard","cardholder_name":"SAM DENIES"},"amount":"000","currency_code":"USD","transaction_type":"authorize"}


{"correlation_id":"233.1468879415325","transaction_status":"approved","validation_status":"success","transaction_type":"authorize","transaction_id":"98266K","transaction_tag":"1504156956","method":"credit_card","amount":"0","currency":"USD","avs":"Q","cvv2":"M","card":{"type":"mastercard","cardholder_name":"SAM DENIES","card_number":"1234","exp_date":"0118"},"bank_resp_code":"100","bank_message":"Approved","gateway_resp_code":"00","gateway_message":"Transaction Normal"}

Re: AVS response code "Q"

The Q response indicates that invalid characters were passed in one of the Address fields. For example, sending a zip code with letters in it will cause this. Basically, it means that the data provided does not conform to the format required to get an AVS Response.

Re: AVS response code "Q"

I suspected that might be the case. The only character that I can think of that might cause it would be the comma in the address. Is there documentation on what characters can be submitted in which fields? Obviously some filtering of the field values will be necessary, beyond just validation.