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Boarding for a multi-merchant app

If I'm considering an iOS app that uses Apple Pay that will be able to pay at multiple merchants, what's the process for setting them up? It seems like the security token for the app are tied to a particular merchant or is that not the case?

Pay at multiple Merchants

Hi Andrew,

May I ask what you're trying to accomplish? And can you delve deeper into paying at multiple merchants what you mean, is there a specific case?

Boarding for a multi-merchant app

Hi Andrew – Yes, it is possible to set up a single Apple Pay app that can transact with multiple merchants. You will need to register multiple merchant identifiers for your app with Apple, and create one certificate per merchant identifier.

See instructions on Apple’s web site on how to set this up https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/Getting-Started-with-Apple-Pay.pdf

For every merchant you board via the Payeezy Portal, we generate a CSR – which is what you’ll need to generate a certificate on Apple’s portal.

FAQ: https://developer.payeezy.com/faqs/what-csr-what-would-i-need-do-it

We are in the process of putting togther a Quick Start Guide that will help guide you through this process. You should see this on the portal soon.