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CC tokenization questions

My first question is about the actual API endpoint.
Documentation indicates that to tokenize CC I need to send a transaction to this endpoint:

However the Direct API (nodejs) uses this endpoint (getToken method):

What's the difference between the two?

My second question is: Does the tokenization process validate the CC? (I want to make sure that a credit card information entered is valid before I save the token)
If tokenization does not validate the CC what's the best way to do it without charging a customer anything? authorize and then void?

Finally, the /securitytokens endpoint seems to have lots of optional fields: billing address, phone, email and so on.
When would I ever need to use those fields? Do some cards require it while others don't?


Re: CC tokenization questions

The tokenization process does not validate the actual CC number passed. There is technically no need to send in any address information since AVS or CVV is not returned in production. You can submit a $0 authorization via Direct API to validate the token details. The URLs referenced in the docs and sandbox are the ones that should be utilized for sandbox/production.