Every day we, the Payeezy team, strive to bring to our customers the best means to easily access First Data’s assets, services and processes through our APIs. We believe that our work in the last few months is a true example of that. Within the next few weeks, we will be rolling out several updates to our APIs including Apple Pay support for merchants in the U.K. Here is a quick look of what is in store:

International Expansion - Phase 1

Since the initial launch of Payeezy in 2014, we were able to offer our services only to U.S. based merchants. Soon, we will have systems in place to support merchants across Europe too. As a first step in this expansion, we will begin offering Apple Pay integration to all merchants in the U.K. as soon as it is launched by Apple. Our APIs will function as a single entry point for all merchants, U.S. and Europe alike. What’s more, the APIs will intelligently route the merchants’ transactions to the appropriate payment gateways within First Data. So the developers need not worry about connecting to different systems, just call our API and let us figure out the rest.

This broadly reflects what we try to achieve with Payeezy – a single entry point (APIs) to access the many systems and services that our customers need to effectively succeed with their eCommerce strategy.

Payeezy Webstore Integration

This has been the missing piece of the puzzle. Webstore, it is the first thing that merchants need in order to start selling online. Until now, merchants built a web-store using the various e-commerce platform providers and then integrated with Payeezy. This involved our customers dealing with more than one solutions provider. We want to make this easier with our Payeezy webstore integration. Payeezy webstore is a one-stop-shop for online merchants (CNP) that provides complete website design/deployment/hosting (including templates), online store functionality, integration with key SMB apps and payments bundled with Payeezy. All the merchants need to do is sign up for the Payeezy webstore and start selling. It hasn’t been easier for merchants looking to setup an online store.

Payeezy.js Token Expansion

We believe that Payeezy.js is one of our most valuable integration methods. So, we invested more time into making it better. Soon, all of our tokens will be multi-use tokens. Also, we will be one of the few payment gateways to offer merchants the ability to retrieve tokens without incurring transaction charges. While the Payeezy.js solution is already available for U.S. merchants, we will soon be rolling it out for merchants in Europe too. Several large online retailers in the U.S. have already chosen to integrate using Payeezy.js recognizing the value that it adds to their checkout system.

These are exciting times for Payeezy. We can’t wait to get our new features into the hands of our customers. Stay tuned to our site for specifics on these features.

-Payeezy Team