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Confirmation Code


Once my customer makes a payment to their account, I would like to send an email to them with a confirmation code to reference the transaction. I'm not sure what information is acceptable to provide in the return JSON payload or if I need to manually create a paper trail on my end (which I hope that isn't the case...)

"method": "{string}",
"amount": "{string}",
"currency": "{string}",
"avs": "{string}",
"cvv2": "{string}",
"card": {
"type": "{string}",
"cardholder_name": "{string}",
"card_number": "{string}",
"exp_date": "{string}"
"token": {
"token_type": "{string}",
"token_data": {
"value": "{string}"
"transaction_status": "{string}",
"validation_status": "{string}",
"transaction_type": "{string}",
"transaction_id": "{string}",
"transaction_tag": "{string}",
"bank_resp_code": "{string}",
"bank_message": "{string}",
"gateway_resp_code": "{string}",
"gateway_message": "{string}",
"correlation_id": "{string}"

Re: Confirmation Code

*This answer is applicable to US merchants only.

Transactions can be looked up in the merchant's payeezy interface using any of the following fields:

1. Transaction ID

2. Transaction tag

3. Merchant reference (only if unique values are used for each transaction)

4. Cardholder name

5. Card number


Payeezy team

Re: Confirmation Code

Could you please mention the API to use to lookup the transactions based on Merchant's Reference field?

Re: Confirmation Code

Karunakaran - there is no such API. The merchant ref field can only be used to search for transactions via the gateway portal.