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ConnectPay Errors

We are trying to test out the ConnectPay endpoints and we are seeing errors both on our side and via the Docs & Sandbox Try it out. The response returned is:

"errorMessages": [
"description": "Failed to map Payeezy token to TeleCheck ID"

It appears that both the enrollment and transactions endpoints return the same error.
Can you please give us some direction of how we can accurately test this functionality out.
Thank you

Re: ConnectPay Errors

Please try the payload below:

"subscriber_id": "44010067",
"pin": "1234",
"street":"2000 BROADWAY STREET",
"street2":"APT 409",
"city":"REDWOOD CITY",

Re: ConnectPay Errors

It appears that this is now working, partially at least.
We are able to enroll a customer and get a response with "APPROVED" and "ACTIVE", however we cannot get any transactions working. We keep getting the same error:
"transaction_status": "error",
"ach_transaction_status": "-",
"transaction_type": "purchase",
"transaction_id": "1400320000000007472139",
"method": "ach",
"amount": "1299",
"currency": "USD",
"response_code": "24",
"response_message": "response_code description not found",
"response_message_misc": "ENROLLMENT INVAL",
"approval_code": "0",
"date_time": "2018-03-26T13:27:38.966Z",
"Error": {
"messages": [
"code": "error_reason",
"description": "response_code description not found"

Is there something else that needs to be done after we enroll a customer before we can process transactions?


Re: ConnectPay Errors

The transaction_id appears odd. In sandbox it normally starts with '1001' and is usually 10 digits. Can you provide the response from the enrollment approval for review?

Re: ConnectPay Errors

Sure. Here is the enrollment response:

"connectpay_payment_number": "2000000002107338",
"status_code": "0",
"status_description": "ACTIVE",
"response_verbiage": "Congratulations! You have been approved for the ConnectPay Card program. We're glad to have you as a ConnectPay Card customer. If you have any questions about the program please visit www.merchantwebsitename.com or call 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX.",
"transaction_id": "1400320000000007472194",
"tck_response_code": "07",
"approval_code": "4139",
"display_text": "APPROVED ",
"sequence_id": "537",
"eca_offered_code": "Y"

Re: ConnectPay Errors

Our logs are showing the connectpay_payment_number on the purchase transaction is not the same as what's in the enrollment response.

Re: ConnectPay Errors

Thanks, We are able to get some charges through. However, as move towards finalizing integration, we are now getting another enrollment error on the Pin Field:
"error_code": "930",
"error_field": "Pin",
"error_reason": "Required field did not have a value"

The docs say that Pin is not required. However we cannot complete any enrollments without a pin. Is this really a required field?

Re: ConnectPay Errors

From the ConnectPay Guide:
Consumer entered PIN (min 4, max 6) is required when payment use case does not have an authentication process prior to transacting (i.e. login, mobile app authentication). Typically for payments made in store at a POS (w/o a mobile app).
We recommend client supports dual entry of PIN to eliminate miskeys.

Is there a correlation ID returned so we can access logs?