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Consumer-Facing Application

I am from a credit union who uses Payeezy to process member loan payments with debit cards. It would be really nice to have a consumer-facing application which we could put on our home banking site to allow members to make their own loan payments instead of calling in and our reps processing the payments.

Perhaps this is not the correct place to suggest this so please let me know of a better place if not. I was told by live Chat to check out the first data site which led me to this forum. Thank you!

Re: Consumer-Facing Application

Hi Angie,

You have several options to do so:

1. You can host your own payment page on your banking site where customers can come to make their payments. You can use the Payeezy.JS  or any other integration method to submit those payments to Payeezy. 

2. Payeezy gateway has a service called hosted checkout (HCO). With this, you can design a checkout page that users will be shown when they are ready to complete their payment. 

Your customers can also set up recurring payments with Payeezy. Note that Payeezy only supports pinless debit transactions. Let us know if we can be of help.


Payeezy Team.