Over the past three months, we’ve been feverishly working towards our next expansion of capabilities. Let’s have a closer look the changes we’ve enabled, all aimed at helping you grow your business:

Additional SDK

Back in December, we provided a teaser that the Android SDK was coming, and now we’re happy to announce that it’s here!!  Some are firm believers in iOS & Apple Pay, others are firm believers in Android and the forthcoming Samsung Pay and/or Android Pay capabilities (another teaser perhaps?).  Regardless, our Integrations tab now gives you the option to choose the platform that works best for your business.  Choose both if you like!

Note: At the time of writing this blog, Android SDK is available in the U.S. only. 

Expanded Payment Methods

We are also continuing to expand the payment methods available in our APIs, because let’s face it, credit cards aren’t the only way people choose to pay!  Here are two more methods at your disposal:

Gift Cards – offering innovative capabilities trusted by over 300 of the world’s largest retail brands and thousands of smaller merchants looking to drive revenue and customer loyalty.  For more information on our ValueLink capabilities, click on one of the desired links below:

  • Gift Card/ValueLink API Code Samples, including Partial Purchase/Split Tender capabilities where you start the transaction with a Gift Card and complete with another Gift Card or a Credit Card.
  • ValueLink Product Capabilities

eCheck – leveraging industry-leading check acceptance and check processing services to merchants and financial institutions.   For more information on our TeleCheck capabilities, click on one of the desired links below:

Note: Check the FAQ section for availability of payment methods by region.

Enhanced Documentation

We’ve also been listening to the feedback with respect to how we represent the information on our developer portal.  The Sandbox and Code Samples with associated Request/Response properties have always been there, and in December we expanded our SDK/Library descriptions for each of the integration methods. 

The next step in our evolution is the addition of sequential documentation in .pdf form to further help you navigate how you integrate, as well as which capabilities you wish to utilize. And the improvements won’t stop there as we continue to iterate to make things a simple (and easy) as possible!