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createToken response is succesful, but no token value is present


I'm working in sandbox, I had the integration running perfectly but I recently added a second merchant account so my app can handle multiple merchant accounts. When I try calling Payeezy.createToken() js method with the merchant account the sandbox had included, I get a 201 response with a token object which includes the "value" field which has the actual token.

But when I call Payeezy.createToken() passing the js token I got from adding a second merchant account (the account was registered at demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com), I get a 201 response, with a token object but this object doesn't include the "value" field, meaning there's no actual token to use.

I checked the merchant account at demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com but don't find anything related to tokenization.

What am I doing wrong?


Re: createToken response is succesful, but no token value is...


The issue you are facing is due to account is not setup correctly. You need to goto RTM and set the transarmor token store. Once done please work with the support team to add new trans armor token store in your account.