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Error Code - 401 (Access denied)


I am a web developer and want intergate payeezy payment gateway in my client site (http://www.giftexpress.com/). I have installed APIs in my live mode and create a merchants in sandbox mode. I am getting an error as mentioned in subject while I am doing payment. Can you please tell me what is the problem in my integration.

Login details

username: info@giftexpress.com
password: Realdata100

Live mode details
$serviceURL = 'https://api.payeezy.com/v1/transactions'; // Live URL
$apiKey = "n5XMEdxALJeECRpncGBgI8npEyGCXcH5"; // Live API Key
$apiSecret = "7f221e8c46b31f6146cd64a9c00205bee4826fd18273d613877b5aebfc03d7df"; // Live API Secret
$token = "fdoa-866de0e3f708fdce6b16eabf5719b35b866de0e3f708fdce"; // Sandbox Merchants Token

As per my finding, I think sandbox token is the main problem and I am not able to move or create my sandbox merchants to live merchants tab. Please help me if any idea or reply me asap.


Re: Error Code - 401 (Access denied)

This is being handled by payeezyboarding@firstdata.com - In the event that a 401 error occurs in live or sandbox please email Payeezy Boarding to troubleshoot and if necessary assist with any internal First Data database record updates.