October 2015 is turning out to be quite an eventful month for us in the Payeezy world.  It’s been just over 1 year since we launched our new APIs and supporting developer portal, initially in support of Apple Pay® mobile payments solution.  And over the course of this year, we’ve added a number of capabilities catering to many merchants, small and large alike, who are looking to start or expand their eCommerce business.  Thank you to the hundreds of partners who have contributed to that success!

But the vision has always been to do bigger, better things.  The vision has always been to expose the depth and breadth of our eCommerce capabilities through a single entry point … and more importantly to do so on a global basis.  Today we continue that journey!

Support merchants from 50+ countries | Control pricing dynamically and accept payments in 140+ currencies

The ways shoppers buy goods and services are evolving every day. For today’s businesses, the real growth opportunities are no longer regional or even national, but global. Advances in technology, communication and distribution have opened new international markets and are providing access to new customers around the world.

We are excited to announce that capabilities long offered by First Data in support of European merchants and international currencies can now be consumed via our Payeezy APIs.  That allows you, our merchants and partners, to easily integrate through a single point of entry and:

  • Expand your business globally, with in-app or web based capabilities
  • Maximize sales across borders
  • Make it easy for customers to pay in their own currency
  • Simplify how you manage payments in multiple countries

As part of this global expansion, our APIs now support merchants domiciled in Europe and also provide access to our dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and dynamic pricing (DP) capabilities.  This will seamlessly allow you to dynamically control pricing on your e-commerce website based on the consumers’ preference.  Furthermore, our currency agnostic approach supports payment acceptance in 140+ currencies with a choice of which currency you actually get funded with.

With this release, we are also setting the stage for supporting additional payment types that may be specific to a country or region.  Germany is a case in point where direct debit is a popular method of payment for e-commerce.  So we added it as an initial alternative payment method, and we already have several others targeted for the next phase of expansion.

We are thrilled with how far we’ve been able to come in such a short time.  But we’re still not satisfied yet.  Better usability, more payment methods, more mobile wallets, more countries … there lot’s to look forward to in 2016!

Check out our new features, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Apple Pay ® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.


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there is any support for cms, like joomla...??

Mahendra - Practically any system capable of making REST API calls is supported. That said, we do not build integrations for third party sites or softwares ourselves. We have partners, however, who build out solutions (extensions, plugins, etc.) using Payeezy and offer them in the various online marketplaces.