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GET Tokenization / JSONP

Your GET endpoint for tokenization responds with JSONP. I need it in JSON, as my integration is being written in PHP and JSONP is not only near-useless to PHP, but also a huge pain to strip all the nonsense out of. Is there any way I can avoid the JSONP callback? Not sure if it helps but I'm using cURL to make the call.

Re: GET Tokenization / JSONP

GET API token generation call is a web based call that is intended to be used with Payeezy JS.


Looks like you are trying to generate a token from server using PHP code. For this, we suggest that you use 0$ authorization call from credit call authorize transaction. When you send all the card information along with authorize for 0$, then you will get a JSON response which will have Transarmor token generated for the supplied card.