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Get Transaction key and x login value


I am using PHP sample code for "Pay now button" from here - https://firstdataclientsgge4.zendesk.com/attachments/token/CtuRXUg6ni37yrRO8k9l8Rncn/?name=SamplePayNowButton+-+PHP.zip

I extracted this zip file into my server directory and run it. every time I am getting Payment error -

Unable to proceed with payment

We cannot proceed with payment because of technical difficulties.
Please try again later

Hosted Checkout Test Assistance

Hosted Checkout test mode detected.

Hosted Checkout uses security mechanisms to block repeated payment attempts. During integration with Hosted Checkout these may interfere with development and testing from time to time.

The result is that you may see this page, independently of whether your shopping cart, or other integration server, is configured properly.

To continue testing and developing your Hosted Checkout integration, you should try following this link to reset your session.

Then I found $x_login and $transaction_key in Samplegge4payment.php.

From where I can get this variable's value, I have developer account only. Can I able to get those variable from it ??

Nisarg Patel

Re: Get Transaction key and x login value

You can find these variables by logging in at https://demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/ --> Payment pages --> Click on your payment page id --> Hash Calculator.