On Oct 24, the stage was set for the world’s largest fintech hackathon – the Money 2020 Hackathon. There were 500+ hackers from 15 countries in attendance and they had 24 hours to design and develop an application while choosing from the various APIs available from the sponsoring companies. We, First Data, were one of the 10 sponsors of the hackathon. And our challenge was simple – 

Challenge: First we created the world’s most powerful global payments platforms. Then we brought you a simple API to harness this power. Now show us what you can do. We challenge you to find the most creative use of First Data’s API.

For this event, we brought forth both our Clover and Payeezy APIs. We received an overwhelming response to our challenge with over 21 teams (60+ hackers) demonstrating their hacks at the end of 24 hours. Payeezy APIs were used in 14 of those projects, many of which utilized our Apple Pay SDK. The hackers blew our expectations with what they could achieve in the short development timeframe of 24 hours.  Some teams created mobile applications for real world services based on the Uber business model while some other teams had combined both the Payeezy API and Clover API to create fantastic omni-channel experiences.

We congratulate all the hackers on their fantastic hacks. Here are some of the cool hacks from the event – 

1. FirstPick
FirstPick is an attempt to solve the problem of enabling delivery to small scale merchants and individuals who cannot afford their own delivery fleet. It provides a crowdsourced "Delivery as a Service" approach which can be used by small merchants or even individuals who have a shipment to deliver. This can result in a great deal of convenience saving time, fuel etc.
Project link:

Sreenivasan VenkatramanDhaval AdhavAnkur GuptaThamaraimannan PonmudiVadivel Selvaraj

2. Turq
Turq is a hyper-local app that allows you to search for inventory in real-time at stores nearby.  Think mobile marketplace for physical retail stores.  By helping offline merchants bring inventory online (and therefore enabling Apple Pay®  via Payeezy's API), Turq enables customers to search for items they never knew were accessible locally.
Project Link:

Team: Karen YeeAlex YeeYu Jiang Tham

3. Eatsy
Can you afford to throw away $2,000 a year? Americans throw away approximately $165 billion worth of FOOD each year due to overpurchasing, food spoilage and not maximizing the food we purchase. We help to matching families who cook too much food to people who needs these food.
Project Link:

Team: Ryan Ong, Alex Feng, Ryan Koh, Dennis Lim, Hui Wen

4. Busy Buy
BusyBuy enables legacy and modern POS systems (Ex: Clover) to accept mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay® and Android Pay and to reduce waiting time and lines at store checkouts.
Project link:
Code repo:

Team: Prasad Pamidi, Pranitha Sneha, Raj Balakrishnan