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Hikashop - Invalid Notification Error - Debug info?

I am a developer working on integrating Payeezy payment method into Hikashop for Joomla CMS for a client. Based on the information on the hikashop forums, I have been able to do this successfully for the most part using the Authorize.net plugin and the SIM method.

I'm running into an issue, however, with the relay response part of the process. When it gets there, I am getting an 'invalid notification' response.

Based on what debug information exists in Hikashop and the Hikashop forums, this sounds like an issue with the MD5 hash and the x_fp_hash.

I have double checked that the 'md5 hash' in the authorize.net plugin of Hikashop is using the 'Response Key' from the security page of the Payment Pages section. This is what they say to do on the Hikashop forums.

I have also looked at the x_fp_hash that is being sent to Payeezy by Hikashop and then used the Payeezy "Hash Calculator" and determined that they match. So it seems as though hikashop is sending the correct x_fp_hash.

So, it seems like everything should be working correctly. But its not.

I talked to the people on the Hikashop Forum and they say I need more information - that the error 'invalid notification' and knowing that the MD5 hash is invalid isn't enough info.

So I have a few questions ...

1. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

2. If the answer is no... is there any kind of debug information in Payeezy? I haven't been able to find anything. Specifically, I'd like to know what the MD5 hash is that Payeezy is sending to Hikashop that isn't matching. If I knew what was coming out of Payeezy I think I could probably figure out why the hash in the authorize.net plugin isn't matching up.

Either way - I'd really like some debug info. Right now all I've got is the information in Hikashop ... but I have no debug info from Payeezy's side of things ... so I really only have half the picture ... and when the problem is 'communication' ... you really need to know what is going on with both sides before you can figure out why they can't talk.

Any help would be great. I'm a pretty resourceful person and typically am able to solve my own problems, so its likely that even the smallest amount of help might be what I need to get the job done.

Thanks in advance

Re: Hikashop - Invalid Notification Error - Debug info?

Ryan - I have forwarded your question to our technical support team (payeezy.gateway.support@firstdata.com) via email. They will be able to assist you with this.