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HMAC validation Failure

I have a spring gradle project and using the sdk where I found in https://github.com/payeezy/payeezy_java_sdk.
After tokenize the credit card and trying to make a payment I receive the error
{"code":"403", "message":"HMAC validation Failure"}
I saw the forum and some answers say to set time to http://www.time.gov/, I have the same time, and the answer says that I need to create again the HMAC, I don't know how to create the HMAC.
Finally in the forums most questions are from scrath I mean without using the SDK, so I should change SDK to scrath or there is an error in my account.
I created the file .payezzy.properties and with this file I can tokenize the credit cards with a successful response, but not the payment.

Re: HMAC validation Failure

To generate HMAC key we require APiKey, ApiSecret, Token, Nounce,epochtime and payload(That is the request). The key that is generated will have an expiry time of 5 minutes.