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Hosted Checkout Error - Demo/test payment page not working anymore.

I've been working with a Test Payment page set up on demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com and since Monday when ever I try to process a form through it I am given the "Hosted Checkout uses security mechanisms..." error page instead of being allowed to enter CC information.

I'm running off of Wordpress 4.5.1 and "Global Gateway e4 | Payeezy Gateway" plugin version 2.0

I've deactivated and removed the plugin.
Installed the plugin through the word press site
Clicked on the Payeezy link on the dashboard and filled in values for "Payment Page ID" and "Transaction Key"
Those values I got from a Test payment page set up on https://demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com/payment_pages
I choose a few fields in the plugin (firstname/lastname, PO Number, Invoice Number) then clicked "Generate Code"
To test the form I clicked "Current HTML", filled in some values for a $1 amount and then clicked submit
I get the wait graphic and then I am sent to the ""Hosted Checkout ..." error page

This has been happening for the last 2 days - every since Monday. I may have updated to version 2 Monday, but I am not sure. One weird thing I noticed. I could swear that the "Current HTML" code at one time contained a hidden field called "token", but I do not see that anymore.

Note: This same Test payment page was working for me last week.

Re: Hosted Checkout Error - Demo/test payment page not...

David - I have forwarded your question to our gateway support team.


Payeezy team

Re: Hosted Checkout Error - Demo/test payment page not...

I found out what was going wrong. By default. after installing the plugin the "Auto Submit Payment" value is set to "Live". After changing it to "Demo" things started processsing correctly.

Just wish the error message had been a little easier to figure out.