Just over 1 year ago, we made the statement in our inaugural blog “never before has the timing been so right to bring together everyone in the payments ecosystem and open a world of possibilities.”  The introduction of network-level tokenization ushered in an era of innovation not just with the industry, but for us as well with our Payeezy developer portal and a vision to expose the depth and breadth of all we have to offer from an eCommerce perspective.

And over the past year, we have continued to iterate such that we can now boast an impressive listing of APIs supporting an increasingly expanding geographic footprint for a wide variety of payment methods, tokenization methods, and even some early reporting capabilities (although we have more in mind for data over the next year).

So what better way to invigorate the in-app and web based payment APIs we’ve grown over the past year than by supporting Google in their launch of Android Pay? We have been working closely with Google ever since Android Pay was announced at their developer’s conference in May.  And we are delighted to see the “Buy with Android Pay” option become a reality on Android Apps!  See the Official Android Blog for more information

"Integrating Android Pay with First Data will make it easier for even more businesses of all sizes to further streamline their checkout experience by offering their customer a simpler, faster in-app payment experience". Spencer Spinnell, Director, Business Development, Google

Mobile technology, especially in the realm of payments, continues to innovate. Rest assured, we will continue to iterate to support the newest capabilities as they unfold, so check back in January for the updated documentation and SDKs.  And stay tuned, because there is more to say soon with respect to invigorating our mobile payments APIs (like Android Pay in Australia next year)!