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Invalid ta token

As your suggestion i made changes in sandbox merchant account settings but when i run the code i am getting ta token is invalid.
https://api-cert.payeezy.com/v1/securitytokens?apikey=Api key&js_security_key=js key&callback=Payeezy.callback&auth=true&ta_token=token from merchant provider&type=FDToken&credit_card.type=American%20Express&credit_card.cardholder_name=test&credit_card.card_number=4111111111111111&credit_card.exp_date=0555&credit_card.cvv=555&currency=USD

getting below response

"results":{"correlation_id":"228.0002983929766","Error":{"messages":[{"code":"invalid.tatoken","description":"Invalid ta_token provided"}]}}

I checked twice ta token in correct.

Re: Invalid ta token

auth=true is being deprecated so you should not use that method OR rely on any AVS response with the Payeezy.JS response. However, to resolve the invalid_ta token error please email payeezyboarding@firstdata.com and provide the Payeezy Gateway demo account name reflected on the home page or the email address you registered to create the demo account and for Payeezy Developer. The token should be set to 'NOIW' in the demo terminal settings. First Data will need to resynchronize the Transarmor Token information for the -CERT environment with your demo gateway account.

Re: Invalid ta token

Hi Team, I have tested with tokenize card save and making payment through the card functionality in testing environment. When i use NIOW as a ta_token, the card is being saved perfectly but when make the payment, invalid ta_token error occurred. So then i changed the ta_token to NOIW as per your document,card was not saved. Now the same error occurred. Could you please let me know the correct configuration to be made?

Demo Account Name : eGrove systems DEMO0246 TERM ECOMM

Re: Invalid ta token

Please email payeezyboarding@firstdata.com with the demo/sandbox MID or Gateway ID to make corrections.