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iOS App Integration - What is the cardInfo dictionary on the PaymentResponse supposed to contain?

I am integrating Payeezy into an iOS app via your SDK - Apple Pay, specifically. I've yet to complete a successful transaction, test or otherwise - but am wondering what the `cardInfo` dictionary on the `FDPaymentResponse` object is supposed to contain?

I took at look at what I thought would be the comparable API request here (https://developer.payeezy.com/payeezy-api/apis/post/transactions-5), and JSON response for the test request sent back:

"correlation_id": "228.1475610265681",
"transaction_status": "approved",
"validation_status": "success",
"transaction_type": "purchase",
"transaction_id": "ET106269",
"transaction_tag": "111522629",
"method": "3ds",
"amount": "11",
"currency": "USD",
"avs": "D",
"cvv2": "I",
"card": {
"type": "VISA",
"cardholder_name": "xyz",
"card_number": "4788250000028291",
"exp_date": "1020"
"bank_resp_code": "100",
"bank_message": "Approved",
"gateway_resp_code": "00",
"gateway_message": "Transaction Normal"

I imagine the `card` JSON matches up to the `cardInfo` dictionary provided by the iOS SDK. Is this correct? i.e. Does the cardInfo dictionary contain Card Type, Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiration Date? Anything else?

Additionally, I thought it odd that the test response came back with a full credit card number - but perhaps that is just dummy data. Does the real response provide a full credit card number or just the last 4 digits?