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Issue while integrate the sandbox

serviceURL = 'https://api-cert.payeezy.com/v1/transactions'
apiKey = "30ZFT40teGCfyOTiJH3PJREUfrmDedZL"
apiSecret = "b19149827682342eef60d26e90f57087f036cfc31c850af60931e42e7064893b"
token = "fdoa-c143da685e58d325d0c731649bf82f80c143da685e58d325"

these are my sandbox credentials but when i try to integrate its give unauthorized access response please help me in that

Re: Issue while integrate the sandbox

Gajendra - Is this your own demo gateway account? If yes, you may have entered the information (gateway id, gateway key and HMAC key) incorrectly while adding the demo merchant account.