Understanding the needs of our merchants and doing what best creates the value is the motto of Payeezy. Following the same spirit we are announcing the availability of 3D secure authentication for merchants who want to leverage Payeezy.js as their preferred method of integration.

3D secure is an additional card holder authentication layer that merchants can use to mitigate fraud. When consumer is ready to check out, a look up is performed to determine whether the consumer’s card is eligible for 3D secure authentication. If eligible, the browser leverages the javascript provided by Cardinal commerce and displays a web page provided by the card issuer. This page will verify the card holder’s identity. The merchants will receive the authentication values and pass it on to Payeezy along with the token to complete the transaction.

Payeezy.JS integration involves merchants’ web infrastructure serving payment pages, fully controlling the checkout process. The payment data is posted directly to Payeezy from consumers' browser bypassing the merchant server. Payeezy returns a token and upon confirmation from merchant server completes the transaction.

3D secure authentication is available for other integration methods also and is not limited only to Payeezy.JS.

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