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Merchant controlling which payment types to accept


My question is : after my web site and mobile app goes live and starts accepting payments through here, can I as the merchant control which payment types to accept on a daily control?

For example, if my organization realizes that we no longer want to accept Diners card but keep accepting the other credit cards (Amex, visa, mastercard), can we control that through our merchant online console? Or do we need to make a phone call into the support office to change that?

We are determining whether which engineering approach we want to proceed with. We can dynamically have our web site or mobile app change on a day to day basis (probably not frequently), or whether we can control on the PayEezy merchant control panel.


Re: Merchant controlling which payment types to accept

Entitlements are provisioned by the merchant account provider in the production environment. It is not something that can be disabled through the Payeezy Gateway portal and it would require calling the customer service team with your merchant services.