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Merchant List is getting REALLY slow

We are now at 18 pages of merchants, and it takes 15+ seconds to load a page of merchants with their associated tokens. The more merchants we add, the slower the list seems to get. when we on-board a new merchant we have the MID from the on-boarding email, but it takes us 3+ minutes of moving through the pages of merchants to find the right page that has the MID so we can extract the token. Multiply by the 7-10 merchants per week that we on-board, this is taking a lot of time.

It would be great if we can get a search box on the Merchants screen that allows us to enter a MID, and it jumps to the record for us to grab the token.


Re: Merchant List is getting REALLY slow

Another option that would work: Provide an option that would download all merchants MIDs and tokens as a CSV or something.

Re: Merchant List is getting REALLY slow

We will pass the suggestion along to our development team. payeezyboarding@firstdata.com can likely request that any newly created merchant tokens are provided to you as a workaround.