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Merchant Status: Time from Pending to Approved

How long does it take from the time a merchant receives their approval email to them getting set up with a Merchant ID, token, etc.

Re: Merchant Status: Time from Pending to Approved

Hi tigranasriyan2952,

It should generally take 3 to 5 days.

Thanks and Regards,

Nilesh Dafe

Re: Merchant Status: Time from Pending to Approved

Hi Tigran,

Normally the process of boarding a merchant involves various steps as listed below:

1) Merchant application review

2) Credit profile check

3) approve application

4) issue boarding credentials

5) Link the merchant to Payeezy and confirm boarding.

6) My Merchants tab in developer portal will reflect all the necessary keys (API KEY, TOKEN, SECRET etc.)

As we just discussed shortly for one of your merchants and in this case, the merchant was already boarded for Global Gateway (GGE4) and hence we noticed delay in boarding an existing merchant for Payeezy.

We agree that it took a long time (2 weeks plus) to figure this out.We apologize for the delay caused to you in boarding the merchant. We are putting in process changes and system fixes for this specific scenario so that we have alerts and appropriate handling procedures in place to identify the issue and take necessary actions.


We will respond back shortly to associate your merchant and provide the necessary keys to go -live.

Thanks and Regards,

Pramod Rao


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