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More Helpful Error Messages

Is it possible to receive more helpful error messages from the gateway? For example, if I attempt to capture more than the authorized amount, attempt to void a transaction that has already been voided, or attempt to void a transaction but pass in the wrong dollar amount, i get a fairly generic error message such as the one below.

{"correlation_id":"222.1111111111111","Error":{"messages":[{"code":"400","description":"Processed"}]},"transaction_status":"Not Processed"}

These cases should be somewhat rare, but I'm afraid that they're going to be very difficult to troubleshoot if/when they happen in a production environment.

Re: More Helpful Error Messages


Sorry we have not responded to this earlier. For each of the 3 scenarios you mentioned, we now send more information in the error response.

This is the error response you will get-

  "correlation_id": "124.1457042246414",
  "Error": {
    "messages": [
        "code": "400",
        "description": "Bad Request (69) - Invalid Transaction Tag"
  "transaction_status": "Not Processed"


Payeezy team