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Multiple Purchases with Previous Transaction API?

I currently have the Purchase and Tagged Refund API transactions working great!

However, I'm trying to charge a card again (from a previous transaction). Is there an API available such as 'Tagged Rechage', which would take Transaction_Tag, DollarAmount, and Authorization_Num values from a previous transaction?

I do not see any Tagged Recharge API listed under the documentation:

The only way I found to recharge a previous transaction is by doing it manually through the sandbox:

However, I want to recharge a previous transaction THROUGH an API (similar to the Tagged Refund API), WITHOUT storing sensitive information.

Thank you!

Re: Multiple Purchases with Previous Transaction API?


Here's a quick response from support if anyone else would like to do something similar:
"There is no specific transaction type via API to support what the functionality you’re referring to. It is possible with tokenization.

The basic process flow is below.
• You submit a $0 pre-authorization using the POST token method (developer APIs), a $0 authorization through API, or a hosted payment page with the credit card details.
• Our response contains the assigned Transarmor Token number in place of the credit card number
• You store the token on an external server/database
• You then submit a purchase transaction with the Token number, card expiration, cardholder name, and credit card type based on the frequency you set in your coding"