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Need some clarification regarding your tokens

I am trying to understand your tokens options. Is there an overview that explains the different types you support and how to use them?

On your Credit Card Payments API page (/apis/post/transactions) the description of the response fields says:

token.token_type string Type of tokenization performed on card info. Values = transarmor / payeezy
Note: Time-Bound Single-Use Token , type="payeezy" and Multi-Use Token , type="transarmor"

I don't get either of these values. Your server is responding with token.token_type = "FDToken". The documentation above seems wrong. In other places it seems to indicate that FDToken is like a TransArmor token but we didn't have to provide a TransArmor ta_token to get one back from /v1/transactions so it doesn't seem that it can be an actual TransArmor token.

In your FAQ I see mention that you support both TransArmor or Datavault multi-use tokens. I don't recall seeing anything in the API docs about Datavault tokens. Do you use FDToken as the token_type for both?

I've also looked through your Guides and didn't see an overall explanation of your tokens.

I'm trying to fit the pieces together but the information is very spread out and sometimes conflicting. It would be helpful to have a single place that describes the different types of tokens you support and how to use them.

For instance, the /v1/transactions/tokens call seems to be the place to go if you want to tokenize a card when it is first uploaded on an ecommerce site (which comes before the "submit order" button). But that seems to only support TransArmor tokens. I've implemented this but that requires a TransArmor ta_token which is an additional step and configuration to require Merchants to do (and the ta_token isn't the easiest to find).

Is it OK, instead, to do a zero dollar authorization to https://api.payeezy.com/v1/transactions when CC data is first uploaded and then use the FDToken returned from that for future authorizations (when users click the "submit order" button)? And then Capture at a later date when product is shipped?

Would there be any difference in using those tokens when doing Captures/Refunds/etc? I haven't noticed any difference in the docs but I could be missing something.