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.Net C# Example...?

Would it be possible to get an example of how to use Payeezy.js using asp.net with c#?

Re: .Net C# Example...?

Dear Tim,

We currently do not have ASP.NET and C# integration methods as of yet developed.

In order to use Payeezy.JS solution with ASP.NET, we suggest that you can reference Payeezy JS Java scirpt in your ASP.NET page. Capture user input with credit card details from this ASP page and call payeezy JS java script that creates a token for card submitted. You can then use this token for future authorize or purchase transactions.


We have addiitonal methods avaialble that you can integrate with Payeezy APIs.

Direct API --> Call Credit Card authorize, purchase and reversals (refund, void or capture) directly from your C# code within ASP.NET. This method does not tokenize your customer's credit card.

Tokenization --> Use Create Tokens and Token based payments if you want ot call token based payments instead of Payeezy JS solution.

Best Regards,

Payeezy Team


Re: .Net C# Example...?

Hi Tim,

You are more than welcome to use my implementation. It's still a work in progress. Feedback and pull requests are very welcome


Re: .Net C# Example...?

Hi Brian,

I'm referencing your code and I'm stucking on two card type one is JCB & another is Diners Club as by Payeezy test cards, because there is no referencing is given in your code for both of these cards.

And one other query is, can we add our own or self defined fields & saved it to Payeezy is that possible.

Thank You