Hot off of the presses!  We’ve wrapped up our whitepaper, Security in Apple Pay In-App Development, that will answer your questions pertaining to how the Payeezy API handles security with our Apple Pay solution.  Additionally we have provided detailed information on how to engage with us from an overall registration and certification perspective to get you coding with the Payeezy platform in no time. 

Here is a teaser from page 4 of the document pertaining to network-level tokenization. Be sure to check out the full document!

Network-Level Tokenization
With the onset of Apple Pay, a new form of tokenization emerged; one that is closely associated with EMVTM, and that payment networks such as Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, etc. built. This new form is referred to as “network-level” tokenization.

More on EMVCo specifications can be downloaded here: EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification – Technical Framework.

Here’s the authorization flow when a network-side token is used: