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No CVV Response on live API

Hello, I'm working on a website integration of payeezy.js. I'm running the transactions with auth=true. When testing against the sandbox the token response comes with a cvv response of 'i'. However when I test against a live account I receive no cvv response. I'm able to run a full purchase on my own credit card with a bad cvv.

I'm immediately running a returned token as a purchase. When checking the outcome of a payment in the GGe4 RPM, I can see two transactions. A zero dollar auth followed a few seconds later by the purchase transaction. When viewing the details of each transaction the cvv2 field lists 'Not Available'. I have all of the cvv filters turned on to reject anything that isn't a match. The avs filters seem to be working good however.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Re: No CVV Response on live API

Hi Nick,

Since this will require us to analyze your API call in production, can you please email support@payeezy.com with the request, response and a summary of what the issue is.


Payeezy team