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Onboarding merchant with an existing First Data account


If i have a merchant who already has a First Data account and would rather use that than set-up a completely new merchant account, how does that work? eg. Clover merchant as an example.



Existing First Data Merchant Account

Would the same protocol be applicable to merchant using a physical terminal that is NFC/EMV enabled?

Andy - If a merchant already

Andy - If a merchant already has an existing relationship with any of our bank partners, we can absolutely help get them tied into the Payeezy program!  Circumstances will vary as to what will be necessary ... for example in some cases where Clover is already used, a new merchant account will still be advisable because you are dealing with a new set of transactions (in-store/retail vs. in-app/eCommerce).  In other cases where an existing eCommerce relationship exists, a new merchant account may still be a good idea ... for example if the merchant wants to seperate out Apple Pay transactions from other parts of their business.  Either way, the best way to figure out what is best for their business is to have them contact their account representative.

Amanda - Payeezy is our way of helping with the in-app flavor of Apple Pay.  If you are interested in the NFC/contactless portion of Apple Pay, visit www.firstdata.com/mobilepayments.