When we launched our Payeezy APIs several months ago, the focus was very much in support of in-app payments and Apple Pay.  Today we are pleased to announce a new release that not only expands our APIs to include a broad array of web-based payment capabilities, but also introduces a cleaner, more streamlined look and feel.  Let’s take a closer look ...

From a payments processing perspective, we have expanded our set of capabilities beyond in-app to include web-based payments, so at a high-level you now have access to the APIs and SDKs that enable:

Mobile/In-App Payments


Web-Based Payments

  • Inclusion of Discover to round out the major card brands supported (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa)
  • Expansion of payment methods to enable PayPal
  • Introducing the Payeezy.js SDK for highly secure and flexible web-based integrations
  • Full support for gateway-level tokenization via our TransArmor solution
  • Value-add elements including support for:
    • Soft descriptors – support for dynamic soft descriptors that can be modified on a per-transaction identifying information about a merchant, e.g. business name, phone number, city and/or state, etc.
    • Level 2/3 processing – support for additional information about commercial, corporate, purchasing, business, and government cardholders so merchants qualify for lower interchange rates.
  • Teaser: Continued expansion of payment methods!  Stay tuned for more information.


We’ve also made improvements from a user-interface/user-experience perspective. Whether you want to learn about the APIs (View the Docs) or Access the SDKs (Get the Code) or whether you are interested in in-app (Apple Pay) or web-based (Payeezy.js), the first thing you will notice is a cleaner look and feel on the home page, with a better representation of where to go next.


Also, as we continue to improve upon our documentation and the way we present information, we have expanded the SDK descriptions associated with each of the integration methods.

Stay tuned for changes in 2015 as we continue to expand the value we offer to you through our Payeezy APIs!