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Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

We have few doubts related to payeezy payment gateway implementaion in our project.

1. Complete Flow

- We want to do the authorization on order creation and then charge the customer when the order is shipped. We assume the flow will be like
Pre-Authorization(01) (for authorization) -> Tagged Pre-Authorization Completion(32) (for charging)

- We are not clear how Pre-Authorization Only(05) is different from Pre-Authorization(01)?

- What is purchase(00) used for in terms of credit cards?

- Can we do charging and authorization through single API call?

- Can we do partial charging and then reuse the remaining amount left in the authorization for charging the remaining amount? Example scenario can be:

--Order total is $100 and we did the authorization for the complete amount. After this if I need to do the charging in two parts $60 and then $40. Can we use the same authorization (transaction tag and authorization num ) for two charging requests?

--Another case is for $60 we did the charging and then for remaining $40 order is cancelled. In this scenario do we need to explicitly void the remaing $40?

--What if in above case the amount increased from $100 to $150, so can use the same $100 authorization to do the charging for excess amount?

2. Authorization expiry and Re-Authorization

- Is there any authorization expiration concept in Payeezy? By authorization expiry we mean the default number of days for which the amount will be blocked by payeezy before charging is initiated.

- If authorization expire concept exists, how can we issue the re-authorization after the respective expiration time? Does this require completely new authorization or we can re-use the existing authorization somehow.

- If authorization expires and we are doing the charging with the Transaction_Tag and Authorization_Num will it fail or pass?

- How can we check the current authorization status?

3. Refund

- Can one refund the extra amount to person for lesser charging done as part of shipment? Do Payeezy places check over such scenarios?

- Can we do the refund withought passing the charge details in refund request?


Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

Hi Vanika,

Good questions. Here are the answers.

1. Complete flow

- "Pre-authorization only (05)" is done in scenarios where the card details need to be verified and tokenized, but not charged immediately. Performing this type of transaction can be done by submitting "0" as the dollar amount and submitting "Transaction_type" as "Pre-Authorization Only". Ex: adding a card to a customer's profile. On the other hand, "Pre-authorization (01) is used when the card needs to be verified and charged.

- Think of "purchase" as pre-authorization and tagged completion in the same transaction.

- Yes, you can use "purchase" for authorizing and charging in a single call.

- Yes, you can use the same authorization num for 2 charging requests.

- Yes, it is a good practice to void the amount unused after an authorization

- Yes, you can charge upto 2x times the initial authorization amount. So if the initial auth is for $100, you can charge upto $200.

2. Authorization and re-authorization

- Authorizations expire on a time set by the issuing bank / card brand.  The details of the exact length of the authorization hold are not exposed to First Data.

- Our backend processor automatically obtains new authorizations as required, even if a completion is issued against an expired authorization.

3. Refund

- Yes, you can refund the extra amount. No checks are in place.

- When you use a tagged refund (34), the money is sent back to the card used originally. When using a refund (04), you can credit any card of your choosing.


Payeezy team


Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

Thanks for the quick reply.
We still have few doubts:
1. So once authorized, Payeezy will block the amount from the customer account until expiration date from the issuing bank/card brand. Is there any way we can get the authorization expiry date in the response of Payeezy ?
2. Will this be a valid scenario with Payeezy where request for authorization is made for $100 and only $30 got authorized as that card has this much limit left. Or Payeezy will return the failure as not complete amount can be authorized on that card?
3. For Refund:
- we made a refund of extra amount to person for lesser charging done as part of shipment and transaction got failed but as per your reply we can refund extra amount and there are no checks for that. we are not clear on this part. Can you explain?


Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

1. Yes, Payeezy will request the issuing bank to place an authorization hold for the amount requested. Unfortunately there is no way to return the date in the response. It depends on the bank.

2. No, if $100 is not available, the transaction will be declined by the issuing bank.

3. After a purchase transaction, you can either do a tagged refund (34) or a refund (04). In tagged refund, you will include the authorization number of the primary transaction and you will be able to refund a maximum amount equal to the amount in the primary transaction. A refund transaction on the other hand is not based on a primary transaction and you can refund any amount to any card.


Payeezy team

Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

Thanks for the reply.

After we did some more POCs, we have couple of more queries. Hoping these are the last one on this thread.

1) If we Pre-auth $100.00 and charge for $60.00. then as part of best practice, we want to void the remaining amount i.e. $40 for the pre-auth transaction_tag but Payeezy only allows us to void complete $100.00(as partial void is not possible)
if we do so, will this void impact the already charged $60.00 or it will only void the remaining $40.00?

2) Now lets take a case where we know that default authorization expiry date for the bank is 7 days. After 7 days is it recommended that we do the new authorization on the order if charging has not yet done or as you mentioned before, charging is even possible if the authorization is already expired.


Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

1. This will explain - https://support.payeezy.com/hc/en-us/articles/203817539-How-Does-Payeezy-Gateway-Handle-Partial-Authorization-Reversals-

2. Either is fine. If you use an expired authorization, a new authorization is requested automatically. 


Payeezy team

Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

I'm a little confused with the handling of Partial Authorization Reversals.
If the Gateway automatically void the remaining Pre-Auth, why am I still allowed to VOID the original Authorize amount?

Please advise.

Re: Payeezy payment processing - Authorization and charging

With a void you can only void the original amount that was authorized. If the amount is lower or higher you will get a bad request error with a void request.

The article refers to if you capture an authorization for a lower amount; Payeezy will automatically reverse the difference when the system batches out at midnight.