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Payeezy Recurring Payments


I want to integrate Payeezy Recurring payment functionality for my core php website

when user register he need to buy a membership for one month , after one month payment is automatically deducted from user account untill user can not cancel membership

also i want to implement functionality for free membership after free membership period expire payeezy automatically deduct payment from user account (i want to make payment for specific date)

Can this is possible using Payeezy

Please Help me to fine exact solution

Re: Payeezy Recurring Payments

Hi Alpesh,

As of today, we do not support creating a recurring payment plan via our APIs. However, there are a couple of other ways to achieve recurring payments:

1. Third party partners - Work with our partners (For example: Chargify) who can manage the recurring plan for you. They have existing connections to Payeezy and can process transactions on your behalf. They have APIs that you can use to create recurring plans.

2. Recurring indicator - This is applicable to US merchants only. Merchants managing their own recurring plans can pass the transactions through the API by utilizing the recurring indicator. In your purchase transaction payload, include "eci_indicator"="2".

3. Creating payment plans manually - Merchants can create recurring plans manually via the gateway interface. This works for merchants with less number of recurring customers.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Payeezy team

Re: Payeezy Recurring Payments


Thanks for reply

I have create account In https://demo.globalgatewaye4.firstdata.com

From demo account I create one payment page

And integrate my core php website functionality from WP Payeezy Pay(https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-payeezy-pay/) plugin code

I have create recurring plan from demo account and use recurring logic code from WP Payeezy Pay plugin code

I Exactly Follow WP Payeezy Pay plugin

So please let me know this is proper way or not

please help me to reach my solution


Re: Payeezy Recurring Payments

Yes, that is one way to go about achieving your use case. Do let us know if you have any questions.


Payeezy team

Re: Payeezy Recurring Payments

Hello alpeshprajapati7758,

Can you please send me detail how can i create recurring? I have same procedure like you

Re: Payeezy Recurring Payments

You can initiate recurring transactions via API if you utilize tokenization. This would not add transactions to the Payeezy Gateway’s recurring system and your application would be responsible for handling the logic of sending purchase transactions to the gateway along with the frequency, amount etc. The basic process flow is below.

• You submit a $0 pre-authorization using the Payeezy.JS sample, the POST token method (developer APIs), a $0 authorization through Payeezy Gateway’s Webservice API, or a hosted payment page with the credit card details.
• Our response contains the assigned Transarmor Token number in place of the credit card number, card type and expiry date
• You store the token, card type and expiry date on an external server/database
• You then submit a purchase transaction with the Token number, card expiration, cardholder name, and credit card type based on the frequency you set in your coding


You can only add recurring transactions to Payeezy’s recurring system with a hosted payment page integration, not an API integration. With the hosted payment page integration method there are drawbacks. An email receipt is not sent to the merchant or customer when Payeezy’s recurring system executes the transaction. We also do not send a call to your server/URL. Finally, any changes/modifications/deletions to the recurring transaction have to be done manually by logging into the Payeezy Gateway website. It cannot be done through an API call.