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Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?

I'm trying to implement Payeezy.js on a client's website, but the js uses the production payeezy endpoint (api.payeezy.com) instead of the sandbox. Is there a way to set it so that it goes to the sandbox?

Re: Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?

Please refer to the latest code from Payeezy github for Payeezy.js.

The example java script points to SANDBOX or Test region.




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Re: Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?


I use the Payeezy.JS integration method and i used my sendbox details:
1- Api Key
2- Merchant Identifier
3- Api Secret

And it working fine for sendbox Account.

But now i want to live this integration, So can you please tell me the steps, how can i do this.

What we need to live this?

Please help me for this.

Re: Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?

Hi Anil,

Sorry for the delay. The next step is to board the merchant. If your merchant is current First Data merchant, please send an email to Payeezyboarding@firstdata.com along with the existing MID# and the email id used to sign up.

If the merchant is not currently processing with First Data, then the next steps are:

1. Add a merchant in the "My Merchants" section.

2. Once the merchant has been boarded, you will be able to see it as "Approved" in your My Merchants page. 

3. Create a new app for your LIVE application and associate to the merchant added.

4. Use the LIVE API key, API secret and merchant token in your app.



Payeezy Team

Re: Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?

Can we use Payeezy.js in production with out any PCI compliance issues?

Re: Payeezy.js for sandbox testing?

Tokenization solutions (like Payeezy JS) do not eliminate the need to maintain and validate PCI DSS compliance, but they simplify a merchant’s validation efforts by reducing the number of system components for which PCI DSS requirements apply.


Payeezy Team